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True Beauty from the inside out

As a long time eczema sufferer, it was important for me to create a skincare line that would compliment even the most sensitive skin. While doing research on causes of skin issues, I was surprised to find that many of the skincare products I used were toxic and prone to cause irritation. Wanting to make a better product than what was out in the market, Jeffen was born.


But there was a problem. I disliked how the beauty industry made others feel. I found their marketing to be manipulative and self serving. Using cheap, toxic, and artificial ingredients to pad their bottom line, while telling you you’re not good enough and forcing you to compare to unattainable photoshoped beauty. Did I have to contribute to industry practices that I did not support?


So I asked myself, “what if I did the reverse with my skincare products?” Instead of taking your power and telling you you’re not good enough to coerce you into a purchase, what if I empowered and celebrated you through affirmative messaging? What if I used quality natural ingredients that were non-toxic and specifically formulated to repair and heal? What if I used the brand to spread further beauty in the world by giving back to communities in need?


That’s when Jeffen became more than just another skincare brand. Made with intention, I believe that consciousness and beauty can merge beautifully together. Fusing that belief into Jeffen, all or our products come with affirmative messaging that helps as a gentle reminder of your uniqueness and beauty. In addition, when you purchase a Jeffen product, you will be contributing to a more beautiful world by supporting our mission in empowering children. Helping them recognize their beauty and spreading good in the world.


Feel good, look good, and do good. That’s my mission and I know we can do it. Let’s grow and foster a beautiful world together, starting with you.